Since 1972, we have served our New York community by developing partnerships that result in the creation of intellectual and economic wealth in the black community. In partnership with 400 of the country’s top business organizations in the public and private sectors, we all have one thing in common: a commitment to our goals and values.

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We provide resources and tools to help our members develop their personal and professional skills.

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We cultivate relationships to open doors for career advancement and community leadership for both members and affiliates.

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We mentor younger students to raise awareness about the financial and social advantages of higher education.

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Black Girls Lead Conference

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Our organization was initially founded as a way to share experiences and help early members navigate unfamiliar environments. It has been those professionals who have risen up and reached back to bring up the next generation of Black business professionals. This has carried through the decades as the members who have followed found the same sense of connection and camaraderie among their colleagues, and have continued to reach back and uplift new generations.

Number of members who have joined the National Black MBA community.

Number of chapters currently operating across the country.

The year our first National Black MBA was founded in Chicago.


“Best memory: when my team won first-place with the Case Competition for the first time, because we had lost the year before that. And because I had been so shy before, it was just amazing for me to see how I could get up and give a presentation to a board of judges and do it in front of the whole student body present.”

Kristen Brown


“I came from a public school where not everyone was as motivated or as ambitious. Sometimes you may feel that there aren’t a lot of people out there like you, who are disciplined and focused. You meet other people who are like you and they help to shape what you ultimately do and support you in your future endeavors.”

Joseph V. Hill


“It helped intensify my leadership ability in the work I do now. It was a collaboration of what the program had to offer in regards of the curriculum, but also the mentors and the colleagues I was able to establish relationships with during the course of three and a half years.”

Jamira Burley

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