Annual Gala

See pictures for the 23th Annual Scholarhip & Achievement Awards Gala .. 23rd Annual Gala


The Deal

Power Play your career is where this reinvention can take place. Our training events give you the logical and practical tools to positioning you for success. Here’s some of what is covered in our training sessions: How is your current thinking impacting your career (sabotage, mediocrity or success)? Why it is important to change your thinking about your career? How to change your current template for a model designed for “success”! Your success is not based on money alone. The secret of business & relationships – how poor relationships are the biggest barriers to success. How to achieve success with balance (perfect for workaholics). How being financially fit allows you to be a better employee, boss or entrepreneur. To create an action plan that will get you started and help you stay on the right path. To think, feel and act differently about success and most importantly… yourself!

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C.A.S.H. Program

This year we begin our 23rd  year of the C.A.S.H. Program. We are coming off an exciting 2013 year, one in which the National Black MBA Association Metro New York Chapter won Chapter of the Year for all of our hard work and continued high quality programming, including the C.A.S.H. Program. Nationally the program is known as Leaders of Tomorrow and New York was the beginning for this high school mentoring program 22 years ago. We are very proud of the hundreds of young women and men who have graduated from this incredible mentoring program. We are also proud to recognize the countless volunteers and partners who have supported C.A.S.H. throughout the years. Learn More Here