The sole mission of the LOT Program is to provide African-American high school students with awareness, education and information of the economic, financial and social advantages of graduating from high school and matriculating through college.

Requirements for Mentor Applications
• Attend all 18 sessions or the majority of them
• Participate each week by providing input at the sessions
• Obey rules of the program
• Respect other students of the program
• Take plenty of notes from mentors and guest speakers
• Be a good team player, help your team members
• Be willing to put in the work that the program requires
• Bring your A-Game as this is a very competitive program
• Engage in public presentations to the entire audience
• Utilize the Chapter’s website weekly to find program resources

Requirements for Program Assistants
• Attend the sessions that you commit to whether it’s the part-time or full-time schedule
• Assist Program Director with administering the running of the program
• Help to hold students accountable for results
• Help communicate with students, mentors and parents and partners about program events
• Help mentors to contact students throughout the program year
• Assist with picture-taking and video capture throughout the program
• Be a good team player, communicate with everyone in the program
• Be willing to put in additional hours with “behind-the-scenes” tasks + toward end of program
• Have a passion about helping our youth prepare themselves for college and beyond