The sole mission of the LOT Program is to provide African-American high school students with awareness, education and information of the economic, financial and social advantages of graduating from high school and matriculating through college.

Student Requirements:
– Attend all 18 sessions or the majority of them
– Participate each week by providing input at the sessions
– Obey rules of the program
– Respect other students of the program
– Take plenty of notes from mentors and guest speakers
– Be a good team player, help your team members
– Be willing to put in the work that the program requires
– Bring your A-Game as this is a very competitive program
– Have a serious commitment toward preparing yourself for college
– Engage in public presentations to the entire audience
– Utilize the Chapter’s website weekly to find program resources

Parent Requirements:
– Attend a minimum of 2 of the 18 sessions in order for your child to graduate. We recommend the following:
   • “How To Pay For College” and/or “Financial Literacy II” (see schedule)
   • “The Community Service Event” and/or “Case Competition Presentation Day” (see schedule)
– Help spread the word about the program to other parents through PTA, school, community organizations, work, etc.
– Participation parent discussions as the students are in sessions with their teams and mentors
– Encourage your child to complete the entire program (January through June)
– Review the program website for resources such as scholarship information;
– Provide suggestions on how to improve the program
– Complete the General Release form